Welcome to Your Mom’s Minecraft Server

So, we’re glad you’re here. If you love to play Minecraft, like to hang around pretty respectful people who also love to play Minecraft, you’ve found the right place.

I mean, we’re mature in that we’re not into trolling or griefing (unless the other person is cool with it) or generally acting like a douche. But let’s be clear … we all pretty much have 12-year-old humor and like to laugh. Like, a lot.

Does that sound like a place you’d be comfortable playing? Do you like to mine, build, explore, and get MC rich? We’ve got some redstone players, miners, epic builders, and even some live-streamers!

Most of us have busy lives, and it’s just nice to take a break with Minecraft. Some of us dig giant pits or build HUGE castles just for the fun of it.

Fill out the app here, and get to know us!

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