Minecraft Farm

Spawn Farm Life

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Spawn is really coming along, and thanks to MamitaLena, we have a beautiful farmhouse, barn and fields with a view to die for – like literally if you stay out too late and get swarmed by zombies – just sayin’.

Go down one of the main streets out North? I think? If you keep going you’ll run into it.

I’ve begun work on a town hospital, but it’s not really even formed in my head yet. I’d LOVE some input on how to develop it.

In fact, I’d love some input on developing the town at spawn in general! It’s looking SO good. I’m hoping people feel inspired to build here. Try to keep it on theme – small town, mid-America.

Also, feel free to set up shop in one of the vacant buildings downtown. For now, we’ll rely on the honor system for bartering and payment, but I hope to create an actual payment system in the future.

In the outskirts of town, it’d be cool to create some suburbs or other “just outside of town” type builds.

But don’t let that stop you from being creative.

My idea is to create another “spawn” or main area for the newest 1.14 update when we do that. See future posts to find out where we sit with that.

As always, happy minecrafting and see you on the flippity flip.

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