Server Rules

Welcome to Your Mom’s Minecraft, we’re really glad you’re here. To ensure a great time for everyone, we have implemented some anti-griefing plugins to our vanilla server. We also have a few rules that should help us all get along. The goal isn’t to be ridiculous with rules, and we hope that people will generally follow the golden rule of treating others the way they would hope to be treated. Please respect the server and your fellow players.

  • Don’t use HACKS here.
  • Do not grief/loot builds in the Nether or the End.
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • PVP is on, but all participants must have agreed to it.  Be respectful.
  • Allowed mods are: Minimap, Inventory and Optifine.
  • Other mods are NOT allowed, such as: Auto Attack and Auto Mining.

While we probably won’t ban you for breaking the rules, we will ban you for being a dick. So, don’t be a dick.

The following behavior issues will NOT be tolerated AT ALL:

  • Threatening to harm yourself or others
  • Acting on or plotting to cause emotional trauma in somebody’s life
  • Advertising your association with extremist hate groups
  • Threatening or acting on a Denial of Service (DoS) attack of any type
  • Excessive amount of drama on public chat
  • Using the server to stalk somebody
  • Boasting about or using the server to conduct illegal activity