Reset. Refresh. Reboot

These are CRAZY times, but what better way to spend your quarantine days together?

And so we begin Season 5 of Your Mom’s Minecraft Server.

Thats right, it’s a new world for us. It’s also a new server altogether. I moved to, and so far I’m very happy with their service and tech. I’m sure we’ll have adjustments, but it’s looking smooth so far.

A few of us have been testing and getting things started. We have a village near spawn set up for survival. It has an iron farm, a villager trading hall, plenty of crop and animal farms. So you have the option of going it alone or grabbing some free gear to get started.

The world is small right now, 3000 sq chunks, so it’s tight, but we want to allow for the new Minecraft update coming this summer some time. It will be a significant upgrade, and rather than restart the world again, we’ll expand at that point.

It’s exciting.

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