How to NOT Be a Good Neighbor in Minecraft

I remember when I first went to college, there were people there in the dorms who had NO clue how to be respectful and kind to their neighbors. Sometimes in server play I see the same thing on Minecraft. So I thought I’d get ahead of the game here a little bit and talk about all the ways you can definitely annoy your fellow players.

  1. Chop down only part of a tree and leave the top part just floating in the air
  2. Raid every village, temple, end city and mansion in a 5,000 block radius
  3. Raid a village and don’t protect the villagers from zombie hoards so that the village gets wiped out!
  4. Build an infinite chicken farm and leave it running all night while you afk
  5. Build an infinite chicken farm near spawn… and leave it on
  6. Leave creeper holes all over spawn
  7. Never help but always afk in all the community farms so no one else has a chance to use them
  8. Harvest all the community gardens and don’t replant
  9. Kill all the community cows and don’t breed
  10. Hoard Elytra
  11. Run around in your underwear like a madman *I’m looking at you, MedicalMatt.

Seriously, adult servers are so nice because most of us have figured out it’s just more fun to be respectful. I mean, there’s gonna be pranks and goofing around and general childishness. That’s fun. It isn’t fun when the other person isn’t having fun. And just don’t be a douche.

I think we’re up for an epic time!

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