How to Kill the End Dragon

Saturday, May 6th at 12noon CST a group of us gathered together all our gear, infinity bows, potions, pearls, and ladders to head out to kill the End Dragon. If you blinked you missed it! Several people showed up at around 12:15pm asking if we were going to go kill the dragon, and it had been over for a couple minutes!

It literally took about 10 minutes!

We had a lot of fun, and it feels great to finally have all the pearls and XP from the Ender Ender (Thanks, Uber, for creating the End Farm so quickly that night).

People have begun exploring the End Cities, collecting Shulker boxes and Elytra, but there is SO much more to explore.

Our next steps are to make the Ender Ender safer and more pretty.

For those who made it, thank you, it was awesome. For those the missed it, we missed you, but remember we can re-spawn the dragon and help kill it if you’re interested. We definitely need more portals out from the main island. So please join in!

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