Taking on the Dragon

We want to make a community event of killing the End Dragon.

Ok, so technically it’s supposed to be the end of the game, that’s why it’s called “The End” and you get the end credits when you jump back through the portal, but we want to get this sucker out of the way fast so we can, 1. Create a super fast Enderman XP farm and 2. Go exploring End Islands to loot and pillage for Shulker shells and Elytra!

It’ll be a death extravaganza and we need a few things before we can even begin

We need:

  1. ender pearls (we’ll need at least 24 pearls, 12 for the End portal and the rest to go searching for the stronghold)
  2. blaze rods
  3. to find a stronghold
  4. bows,
  5. arrows, infinity enchant would be great
  6. potions,
  7. glass bottles for capturing dragon’s breath,
  8. ladders,
  9. buckets of water,
  10. food,
  11. ender chests,
  12. beds,
  13. extra armor
  14. swords

Wanna help? Please comment with availability or unavailability so we can get a good idea of when most people can make it. Also list what you might be gathering and what you’re good at when fighting the dragon.

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