Minecraft Nether Tunnels

Expanding the Nether Tunnels

It’s all about the netherrack.

So after the last reset when we upgraded to 1.13, our nether regions (lol) have not been really well organized. I created the 4 main tunnels, but now it’s time to make them epic.

So, they all have ice beneath some basic stone slabs, but I want to expand them to have a really quick middle line with glass over it. Yeah, I saw it on Hermicraft – so what? lol. Respect.

I’m also widening them, so it’s definitely gonna be a lot of breaking nether. If anyone has any tips on making that go faster, I’m open.

Also, join in on design ideas. Or just join in to help. I’m gathering white glass, terracotta, iron, and I think maybe some birch wood.

Anyway, catch you all on the flippity flip!

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