Bye, Bye Red Terracotta… and My Life

There I was, mining away the netherrack that stood in my way. I was on mindless clicking mode – hacking away at this tunnel. I’d been working feverishly on completing the four main nether tunnels that would connect worlds.

Each main tunnel is a different color of terracotta. This one was red.

Oh, The Shame of Lost Terracotta

I had spent a good deal of time mining the terracotta plains in my designated area. I’d been killed once when I accidentally went afk (I had to run after my puppy who was about to piddle in the middle of the floor. I forgot to get to safety or disconnect. lol). I’d gathered layers of red terracotta – LAYERS!

I have a beacon set up at the mining area and had gathered everything in the radius of the speed boost. I felt very accomplished. Like 3 shulkers full.

Stuck in Lava Again

There I went with my haul. Off to blast through rows and rows of netherrack to make room for my new red terracotta walls.

When the horror unfolds, I am scrambling and fighting my way out …

See I wasn’t paying attention to my pick. Who would have imagined it would break JUST after I hit a lava flow! That’s right, no pick, no way to turn, I was stuck in a shower of lava from above.

Every single item on me burnt up.

Now, looking back I probably could have made it if I’d done a complete 180, but I was disoriented for several seconds, not understanding why blocks were not still breaking. I was also in ‘mindless clicking’ mode, remember. So it took me a moment to realize what was happening.

Sadly, by then it was too late!

I was doomed.

And so was my inventory.

Bye, bye red terracotta.

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