About the Server

The Beginning

Grand opening of the server was Saturday, April 29th, 2016.  As always, it started with tree punching!

Our Story

Your Mom’s Minecraft Server became a thing when a bunch of former server players got together for a reunion and wanted to keep it going! The original group has been playing together for years, and we wanted to expand it. The goal is to have an active, friendly, safe, and fun community that builds a creative, amazing Minecraft world together.

The Culture

We’re an adult server where we work together to create a thriving community. Our goal is to make people feel safe in the sense that they can freely build and experiment and play the way they love to play without fearing someone will take their stuff, grief them, destroy their work or threaten them in any real way. That being said, it’s pretty laid back and super friendly.


Your Mom’s Minecraft Server is focused on it’s members. It’ll evolve in it’s building style according to the imaginations of its most active members. We expect to reset the map at major updates depending on member voting.

The map will expand as needed for exploration and keeping it fresh for members. We’ll ask for and accept donations to help with expansion costs as necessary. However, it’s not pay-to-play and donations are completely voluntary and greatly appreciated.

Meet the Team

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the server, feel free to direct them to any one of our amazing team.