Long-standing, friendly and supportive, non-griefing people, talented builders. We’ve been up and running and active for over 4 years now. If you need a place to play when you have time and be super chill, then hit the button below to answer a couple questions. 

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We are picky about who we let on. That means you can feel confident in the quality of play on this server. So, you gotta apply. We care about this community, and we’re pretty much committed to keeping it a safe place to play.

21 And Over

If you’re trying to avoid the silly griefing and little kid antics, this is the perfect place for you. We’ll make exceptions for friends if you can vouch for them, but otherwise, this is definitely an adult server. Plus, we have a wide spectrum of ages, so you’re sure to feel welcome!

Spigot Latest Version

Do you prefer unmodded play? Perfect! We do use some datapacks and spigot to facilitate server performance, logging and communication. We also use Dynmap. Otherwise, we try to keep it the latest vanilla, baby.


Think part of the fun is trying to survive the long MC nights? We do too. Server is set to HARD and mobs are everywhere! Occasional map resetting for major Minecraft upgrades or the community wants it.

Next Steps…

Fill out the application answering a few questions for us. We’d love to get to know you. We’ll get back with you asap if we approve your app!

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